Area of Research: Geometric Group Theory, Discrete Mathematics
Research Interests: My main research interests are in the theory of self-similar groups, groups generated by finite automata, and related topics.

Selected Publications and Preprints

  1. I.Bondarenko, B.Kivva. Automaton groups and complete square complexes, 29 pages, 2017. (arXiv version)
  2. I.Bondarenko, D.D’Angeli, T.Nagnibeda. Ends of Schreier graphs and cut-points of limit spaces of self-similar groups, Journal of Fractal Geometry, Number 4, P. 369-424, 2017. (pdf,access)
  3. I.Bondarenko, D.D’Angeli, E.Rodaro. The lamplighter group Z_3\wr Z generated by a bireversible automaton, Communications in Algebra, Volume 44, Issue 12, P. 5257-5268, 2016. (arXiv version, access)
  4. I.Bondarenko. Self-similar groups and the zig-zag and replacement products of graphs, Journal of Algebra, Volume 434, P. 1-11, 2015. (arXiv version, access)
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  6. I.Bondarenko. Tilings of limit spaces of self-similar groups, Matematychni Studii, Volume 41, Number 2, P. 134-138, 2014. (pdf, access)
  7. I.Bondarenko, N.Bondarenko, S.Sidki, F.Zapata. On the conjugacy problem for finite-state automorphisms of regular rooted trees (with an appendix by Raphael M. Jungers), Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics, Volume 7, Issue 2, P. 323-355, 2013. (arXiv version, access)
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  20. I.Bondarenko, V.Nekrashevych Post-critically finite self-similar groups, Algebra and Discrete Mathematics, Number 4, P. 21-32, 2003. (arXiv version, access)

Problems and Conjectures

Open Problems in Combinatorial and Geometric Group Theory

Self-Similarity and Branching in Group Theory, Problem List, Workshop, October 12-17, 2008. (pdf)

Self-Similar Groups and Conformal Dynamics, Problem List, AIM workshop, June 5-9, 2006. (pdf)

Problem List from the paper “Branch groups” of L.Bartholdi, R.I.Grigorchuk, and Z.Sunik. (pdf)

Problem List from the paper “Automata, dynamical systems and groups” of V.V.Nekrashevych, R.I.Grigorchuk, and V.I.Sushchansky. (pdf)

Solved and Unsolved Problems Around One Group by R.Grigorchuk. (pdf, ps.gz)